Which SUP board to buy? Read advice

Size of the board?

–> determined by the volume –> Bodyweight + at least 110 Liter. Example: 80 kg. ? Then a board with at least 190 Liter Volume. For example the  MAGIC GLIDE 10´8 with 280 Liter. Fits automatically for lighter persons also. The extra volume offers stability and paddling with kids on board.


< 60 KG> 170 Liter | 10-15 cm74 – 86 cm295-340 cm
< 70 KG> 180 Liter | 10-15 cm74 – 86 cm295-350 cm
< 90 KG> 200 Liter | 10-15 cm76 – 100 cm310-370 cm
> 90 KG> 220 Liter | 12-15 cm76 – 100 cm310-370 cm


Catagory/ which Modell?

80% buys an ALLROUND/ FAMILY for the whole family. These work on lakes, ocean and rivers. Additionally there are special catagories… Examples: Breeze, Vapor, Fusion, Magic Glide

Customer questions 2015 (anonymised)

2015 Aquamarina SPK-1 = 2016 Aquamarina Breeze

My daughter (11 J, 34 kg,  good swimmer) is interested in a stand up paddle. According to the pictures we were interested in the following boards: 2015 Aqua Marina SPK-1 / AQUAMARINA BREEZ, SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR and SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION.

Boarddiscount : I recommend the SPK-1 / AQUAMARINA BREEZ. The other boards are too wide for a child to stick the paddle on the side to be inserted into the water. An alternative would be a touring SUP. They are also small, but offer sufficient stability.

Hello, I am at a SUP BOARD interested. Can you give me a suitable offer? the “2015 Aqua Marina SPK-3 / Aquamarina Fusion would fit well to me? I am 163cm tall, approx. 58kg and more or less a beginner. Thank you for your feedback.

Board-discount : Hello, too large. In the case of 58 kg. I recommend the SPK-1 / Aquamarina Breez. glides much nicer, is not so wobbely (the SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION is 15cm thick and therefore very wobbely) and you do not carry a board too large

Ladies and gentlemen, my son, soon to be 10 years of age and wants a stand up paddle. He has been a relatively safe level. We do not want a professional board and yet the money well invested. I ask you to me a corresponding advice / offer to make. The board should be inflatable and possibly for smaller waves surfbar. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Board-discount : Thank you for good info. 10 year –> it is important that the board is not too wide. Options which would fit in.
-The vibrant = 100% kids
-The SPK 1 , would also fit Mamma

Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to buy this board. I have seen the larger Aqua Marina SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR model in the Migros Sportxx-Filiale seen for the same price (CHF 399.00 and it is 30 cm long). I am a woman and only 50 kg, I therefore believe that the SPK-1 / AQUAMARINA BREEZ model would be appropriate for me (300cm).

Boarddiscount : Yes the SPK-1 / AQUAMARINA BREEZ fits better.

I am a poor church mouse and look for a  cheap SUP.

Board-discount : Aqua Marina SPK-1 / Aquamarina Breez? Good build quality and is pleasantly light for ladies.

Dear Marc, I am SUP beginner and do not want to spend so much.

Board-discount : Understand. Recommend the SPK-1 / AQUAMARINA BREEZ or SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR. Very good quality, glides over the water nice. Price value.

2015 Aqua Marina SPK 2 = 2016 Aqua Marina Vapor

interested in the AQUA MARINA SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION as an all-round and families board, if necessary also times in the sea. The Board is the right thing, or recommend rather the SPK 2, or another?
Board Discount : SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR is something tilt more stable than the SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION. SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR for paddlers up to 85 kg

hello. I am interested in an SUP BOARD( inflatable) but preferably all-rounder. I ca 65 kg heavy.

Boarddiscount : 65 Kg. I recommend Aqua Marina SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR. Good design, good Fin, stable and not too wide. Very good value.

would you recommen 2015 Aqua Marina SPK 1 Allround 9’8 (300cm) or the above-mentioned SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR Board? It would be so that my 6 year-old boy also wants to come on the board.

Board-discount : I recommend the SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR. It is the same width as the SPK 1 but has more volume

Good evening, I am looking for an all-rounder SUP board. Am female and approx. 62 kg with a height of 170 cm. I am already a couple of times on a SUP BOARD confessed. Otherwise I have a good feeling for the board by wave surfing, wake surfing and snowboarding. I am looking for an inflatable allrounder board mainly for on the lake. It should be easy to inflate and as easy as possible and convenient to transport. These are the most important criteria for me. Could you recommend me something?

Board-discount : I recommend an inflatable board bsp SPK 2 that man can inflate easy and hard. Board is then as stiff as a hard board.

I am still not sure exactly what I want. My problem is that I use the SUP sometimes too. my weighing 75kg. My girlfriend about 50kg.

Boarddiscount : I recommend the SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR. very very popular with our customers. good quality. For paddlers up to 85 kg.

Search an inflatable SUP, and also for the surfing in the wavess, but probably mainly in calm waters is needed. It should be easy and not too expensive, yet robust, any action.

Board-discount : this would be an all-round Board. Recommend the Aqua Marina SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR (very cheap and good gluing of the skin – important for the inflatable). Board is not too wide so that it is also suitable for women

We are looking for a SUP for our family, primary fun factor. The family members are up to max. 70kg, +  I am approx.1 10kg, but rarely on the SUP.

Board-discount : The SPK-2 / AQUAMARINA VAPOR but is up to 85 kg. ( goes by volume). Recommend a slightly larger SUP. Recommend the board: 2015 FIT ocean cruise 12’0. Adequate Volume, not to be too heavy (the ladies/ kids are there still wear), large deckpad the 2 people, good pump and backpack. Swiss brand everything right.

2015 Aquamarina SPK-3 = 2016 Aquamarina Fusion

2015 aquamarine SPK-4 / Aquamarina Monster SUP This is an optimal board for man (95kg) and women (70kg)?

Which Board (pic2/pic3) do you recommend for children (13 & 15 years old) between 50-60 kg?

Boarddiscount : Hello. Recommend the pic3. The SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER is much too wide for your wife. For the kids the Aqua Marina SPK-1 / Aquamarina Breeze would be top !

Question: Hello everyone. I go to Hawaii in 2 weeks and would like to SUP. I am a beginner and approx. 100kg heavy. You have an appropriate board for me (and perhaps also a test device) at a reduced price?

Board-discount : Hello Mario, at approx 100 kg. I recommend the 2015 Aqua Marina SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION with 212 liters of volume. Adequate Volume and stability. The board works well on flat water and in the shaft (allround board)

hello have just tried – SUP is fun! would like to buy a iSUP, what do you recommend me. 56 and 72 kg want to alone and together just for fun.

Board-discount: I recommend the SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION. This board has sufficient lift volume for 1 or 2 persons. And has a very good sturdy design. Recommend the board with a fiberglass paddle to buy (instead of aluminum paddles). The glass fiber paddles are 3-piece and thus fit in the carrying case.

Mr Koemans, recommend to a woman theSPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER?

Boarddiscount : Hello, SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION was possibly better. The SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER is too large for a lady with close ties

2015 Aquamarina SPK-4 = 2016 Aquamarina Monster

Good day. We have a dive resort in the Caribbean and would like 2 SUP (with kayak option) for our guests can offer. The SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION would be suitable for this or can you recommend a different? We are located in a protected cove, ± but it can even small wind and waves. Since our budget is limited but the quality match, we would be grateful for a good offer.

board-discount : The SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER (suitable for guests up to 130 kg) Recommend a leash (cord board ankle) because of the wind. Recommend a 3-piece paddles (fits in the carrying case. Fiber glass (does not rust/ oxidised not) + A bottle of UV protection for boats.

Hello, I would like a SUP for this summer. Am absolute beginner and search for a most favorable solution inc paddle etc. Oh yes. Weighing 85 kg.

board-discount: Recommend the SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER. Good quality, glides quickly on flat water, space for a 2 person to take away. Price value.

we, my girlfriend and i want a board we use together we weigh about 130 kg, therefore the SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION sufficient or what do you think? Can you give us a recommendation for this purpose?

Boarddiscount : SPK 3 too small. Recommend the SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER

good day
in the summer holidays we went for the first time with SUP BOARD time and are so thrilled that we now want to buy a board. We are a family with 2 children and 2 adults and of course are beginners. We always spend our holidays at the sea (we are campers). In your offer I have seen the following Boards, which in my opinion come into question for us; Aqua Marina SPK 3 Allround 10.2″ and the NSP Allrounder 11.0″. Now my questions:
– are these suitable for beginners?
– What would you recommend us, or are there other entry-level models?

boarddiscount :
– yes are beginners suitable
– recommend the SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION

There is also a SUP which by two adult persons can be used ?
board-discount : Yes the SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER has enough volume and a long deckpad for 2 persons.

I am looking for an entry-level SUP. Since I am relatively heavy 110kg i surf in the Internet and am on the brand Aqua Marina SPK 2015 SPK 3.

board-discount: The SPK-3 / AQUAMARINA FUSION would be too small at 110 Kg. The SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER would be good.

Hello, searching for  a SUP, whith a large load capacity. Would the SUP primarily also allow paddling with the children. The SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER is suitable for this? If no, which SUP would you recommend? Thanks for the feedback.

board-discount : Hello, the SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER is a fine family board. Sufficient volume for pappa kids. Comes complete with pump kit, carrying case, 2j. Warranty and our own sup instructions. Use it in private with my 2 boys and makes a lot of fun. An electr.pump is not necessary, but may also be purchased.

what sup board inflatable is ideal for me: size 172cm, 90 kg use for lakes and one to two times the Aare river and portability in the holiday

boarddiscount : 90 Kg. =Aqua Marina SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER . buy a paddle with protection along the edge of the sheet

I am looking for a good all-rounder for up to 100kg .  Especially for fun on the lake.
boarddiscount : 100 Kg. = SPK-4 / AQUAMARINA MONSTER