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Maintanance : inflatable i SUP loses air at the valve


Situation: you have your inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board inflated, valve is closed and very little air is coming out around the valve. May you hear it or see small bubbles when you pour some wateer on it as shown in the video.

No panic !
What happened ?: The valve is not properly screwed on.
Either it was not tight enough when the board left the factory or the undernath happened.
Each time when you connect the tube to pump you turn 90 degrees the fix the tube. When taking it away again you rotate counter clockwise. This can loosen the valve wich is screwed in clockwise.
Solution: The thread of the valve can be tightened again. There is in the mainatnace kit ( supplied with the SUP Board) a little plastic wrench.
1) tighten the valve by screwing it on harder (don’t over do it)
–> no more air coming out ? you are fine.
still air coming out ?  
–> screw the whole valve out of the board. be very carefull not to damage the threads inside the board.
–> add some oil/ lubricant to the thread to make it air-tigh and screw the valve back on
–> no more air coming out ? you are fine.
still air coming out ?  
–> if you bought the board at BOARDdiscount contact us per email including your orer number and we send you a new valve. If you board the board somewhere else pleease contact your seller. We do not supply if the board was not bought at BOARDdiscount.


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