BRAVO HP 4 Double action iSUP pump (inflate 2 x faster and lighter)

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  • Fits on all iSUP Boards Brands
  • Pump up your board 2 times as fast because air comes out also when you ull up the handle of the pump (not only pushing down). This is called ‘double-action-mode’.
  • When the board is quickly filled with air and you need to pump it up to the right pressure, you can switch the pumpe in ‘single-mode’, now air only comes out pushing the handle down like a normal pump, but because of the pump-design it goes much lighter. Also lighter people, kids and ladies can pump -up boards to full pressure.


  • You don’t have to screw on the meassuring device (‘mano-meter’), it is already build in the handle
  • You won’t suffer from pain in your back from pumping because of the ergonomic foot-stance and ergonomic handle to hold
  • You will save you energy because of the double-action-function
  • Durable build quality from the nr.1 brand for iSUP Pumps BRAVO
  • Up to 27 PSI

What´s included?: Pump, tube, mano-meter (integrated in pump)